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In addition to both Dutch and English being our native languages, we use tools and equipment that are considered state of the art within the translating industry. We also undergo regular training to maintain our knowledge in all areas that concern our services to you. Moreover, we have and use a wide network of contacts within most specialisms that serve society today. This helps us gain a better understanding of, and insight into, your specific needs.
An example is the translation of the medical file of a young boy who had been receiving medical treatment in the Netherlands and was moving to the UK where his treatment would be continued.
In this particular case we went through the translation with a Dutch paediatrician with many years of experience in the UK to ensure that all details would be correctly understood by the boy's doctor in the UK.

In cases such as these and in any other case that involves important or particular interests, we go to great lengths to ensure that your message reaches the recipient as you intend it to, clearly, correctly and in time.

Many occurrences in corporate life follow a similar pattern of processes that take place in the human body. A healthy body requires all cells to function flawlessly and communicate with each other directly or indirectly through the central nervous system. Any entity, no matter how small or large, requires a similar pattern of behaviour in order to run smoothly and efficiently. Understanding how one cell works or indeed does not work, can cast a light on the others as a whole and as such point towards areas that need understanding or specific attention. Interaction and communication between people are usually established by written and spoken language and it is therefore important to understand the specific language that is used in any field.

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