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PAK Business Services was founded by Pieter Kleyn in 2005 and focuses on Dutch-English and English-Dutch translations, proof reading, editing and English classes.

In practice our translations are a joint effort between Pieter and his wife Jadzia. Pieter translates and Jadzia does the editing. Jadzia also teaches English. This combination and method of working guarantees the best quality and accuracy. All translations are checked and thoroughly edited before they are returned to the customer.

We have both been exposed from an early age to the cultures of our languages. Not only can we convey a message in the other language, but we also think as natives. In addition, we apply an internal system of quality control that guarantees the clear and correct formulation of your message.

We have a long and sound professional working history with the Dutch and English languages. Over the years we have translated many commercial contracts, legal documents and business reports for the companies we work for and we have provided accurate interpretations of written and spoken messages. In recent years many medical and fiscal translations have been added to our scope

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