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Translating is not just a matter of replacing words with a word in another language. Often the text and the message contain connotations mixed with a certain message and meaning. Moreover, a section in a text may refer to one or more other sections in the same text, thus casting a certain light on that section. It should therefore be viewed in the light of the context rather than as a literal replacement of words. Hence, we often do not do not provide literal translations, but prefer to place them in the overall context, with the right meaning, using proper English/Dutch.

Understanding the meaning and the message of the source document often requires careful reading beforehand and in some cases that takes up more time than the actual translating itself. A good translation also depends on the quality of the source document. Our approach is to carefully read the source and contact the customer if certain things are unclear or need further explaining. Only this way can one ensure that the translation will convey the message's meaning and its content correctly. In addition, this approach has helped our customers on occasion, to refine their source document.




If you take quality seriously, please contact us. We will be glad to answer any questions you have.


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